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Welcome to , home of "Controlled Skiing"

Learn how to ski in full control. On any piste. Anywhere. Any time. Man or woman. Any age. We have been proving it for decades. Control is not the exclusive domain of the young, the super-fit, or the magnificently athletic.

Find out how to ski with more self-confidence and less tension. Minimise any anxieties you have about your skiing.

Bob developed his coaching under the watchful eye of John Shedden previous head coach of the English Ski Council. We used to work together but John has now retired. His expertise lives on, and Bob now teaches using the same Olympic level coaching techniques to help you really improve your skiing in ways unlike ski school.

To learn more of our philosophy, please visit Bob's blog, where you will find extracts from Bob's forthcoming book "Controlled Skiing".

Bob Trueman looking out over Chamonix skiing area

Right - which way down tomorrow...?

Our techniques are gentle, and simple:

  • We have proved your ski learning is faster when you ski slower. After you've learned you'll overtake them all anyway. Easily.
  • We have proved your ski learning curve is steepest when the slope isn't.
  • We have proved that gently is best. An aggressive "gung-ho" approach simply doesn't work for most folk and being impatient slows you down.
  • And we have proved our methods work equally well for men as for women. Of any age.

Our ski coaching is different from ordinary ski instruction. It does not involve endlessly skiing round the mountain like party-goers doing the Conga. Your ski learning will very rapidly improve. You have the potential to ski better than you do and you will, even in one week. You do not have to live "on the plateau" for the rest of your days. You can read more about our approach on the learning process page.

Some skiers care about what they ski; but others care more about how they ski. They want to become skilful fluid skiers who are always in control. Just getting down something, no matter how inelegantly is not enough.

Through decades of experience we help capable enough, but often slightly disappointed skiers overcome hurdles to better skiing put in their way by earlier instruction or lack thereof. It is never too late to become the skilful controlled skier you always wanted to be. Not necessarily super fast and wild, but happy and satisfied to be able to ski ANY piste, anywhere, in control without trepidation. Flowingly. To read more of our philosophy, please visit the ski coaching page.

Bob Trueman with ski coaching clients in Chamonix

Small groups are best. That's the Matterhorn on the left there!

The key is how to change; how to swap some of what you have for more of what you want. Surprisingly, change is simple. Finding the process to change is difficult. We help you learn that process. It comprises just one simple rule, leading to just two simple options. Doing it isn't easy, but it is far easier than you might imagine once you know the processes, and how to use them.

Three steps to getting more of what you want in your skiing (or life!). Frank Dick, one of Britain's most senior Olympic athletics coaches was always of the opinion that in order to achieve anything, you need only three simple elements in place; but they must all be in place, miss one and you will miss out. The concepts are both simple and powerful:

  • You must want it.
  • You must believe it could be possible for you.
  • You must persist.

All we ask is that you really want to improve and are prepared to do something toward that improvement. If you do want to, you will. We promise you it is simple, do-able, enjoyable, and if you stick with it, inevitable.

Bob's New Book Bob's new book 'Ski In Control' is now available to order from Bob post free (just email me) or from Amazon books - search for 'Bob Trueman' or visit this link.

Kindle eBook £8.99 / Paperback £12.95

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Bob's Blog

Click here to read Bob's thought-provoking, informational blog!


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"Too often I have come back from ski holidays disappointed and self-critical. Not the case this time because of you. I feel positive, motivated and that the possibilities are endless. Hope you realise the good you do. Read more..."
Mary 2017

"After skiing for 20 years, I haven't felt so good after a holiday since the first time I strapped on a pair of skis. Read more..."
Dr. Mary Drake, 2015

"I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous week’s coaching. I never thought I would do a red run and think it a blue or green. Read more..."
Dr. Louise Meehan, 2015

"Learning a whole new way of skiing was a challenge after so many years but I felt more in control and confident at the end of the week using your methods. Read more..."
Dr. Anthony and Mrs. Lynette Evans, 2015

"I couldn't recommend your course highly enough! I can honestly say that I couldn't have enjoyed a week more than I did. It was a super week in every way. Read more..."
John Nolan, 2014

"I thought the week was fantastic on many counts - but especially Bob your brilliant coaching. Read more..."
Richard Barwick, 2014

"I can't thank you enough as I think I have finally made a big breakthrough in conquering my fear of steeper slopes, was so pleased at how it all worked the 2nd time I went down the 'Minas' run. Read more..."
Elspeth Drew, 2014

"Your coaching approach was what I expected and throughly appreciated ... I attach a picture of me 'getting it right'! Read more...".
Richard Smith, 2013

"Bob, you are fantastic! Your coaching is like a breath of fresh air in the miasma of traditional ski teaching. Read more..."
Colin Weeks 2008

"Please don't stop coaching for at least 20 years" Read more....
Jane Lowe. 2009

"The thinking man's coach, that's what you are" Read more....
Dr. Julian Squires 2010

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