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Check Your Ski Level

Level 1 - Beginner If you are a complete beginner, I'm afraid we cannot help you, but we know a man who can.
Level 2 It's your second week -( or maybe third ever week if but still very apprehensive about it ), or You've done more, but are still very nervous about it all, or You're coming back to skiing after ten years or more (you'll soon get back!)
Level 3 - Green Runs You're fully confident on green runs and either skiing parallel or getting near to it. You have no apprehension on green runs, but some blues make you nervous sometimes.
Level 4 - Blue runs You ski greens truly parallel. You're confident on blues and ski almost constantly parallel on them. Steeper pitches and "hard pack" still make you apprehensive. You seldom use snow ploughs on blues, but quite often are happy to use them on reds which as yet you seldom really enjoy going on.
Level 5 - Red runs Perfectly happy on blues, you ski reds with confidence but not always completely parallel, and not always fast. Apprehensive about blacks and still (when you're honest) admit to enjoying blues more than reds.
Level 6 - Black runs You ski reds with confidence, always parallel, and sometimes fairly quickly. Most blacks are OK, but you prefer to take them carefully and slowly, especially on steeper pitches and if there's hard-pack or bumps. Still get the colly-wobbles in flat light, but keen to progress further.
Level 7 - Tous terrains You ski fast on reds and confidently on blacks. You can cope with bumps and variable quality snow. You ski pretty well any terrain not only confidently, but with good technique (not just without fear). You want new challenges and to develop your technical ability that little bit further with a view to off-piste adventures.
Level 8 - Toutes neiges No snow bothers you. No terrain bothers you. You ski blacks fast. You handle any bumps without any problem. Powder is a delight and an environment in which you thrive. Now you want it, with bigger bumps, steeper, deeper, faster, and more gnarly. This means I may have to put up with you being better than me! But we can still help you improve even at this level, and we'll take you to Chamonix off-piste where they'll put you in your place ! ?