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You will find we work as "the guide by your side" rather than as "the sage on the stage" we do not pontificate and "instruct" you. We work closely with you as an individual as you discover for yourself just how much you really can do, and as you find that you really can attain your goals.

Bob Valentine Trueman DMS; Dip NLP; Development Coach

Ski club skiing coach For many years Bob worked as an Alpine Instructor before moving up to become an IVSI qualified Alpine Development Coach, and Instructor Trainer. He holds a diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming, lectures on Mental Game Planning, and is totally committed to the precepts of Accelerated Learning and Coaching. Bob's study and understanding of these and other learning, training and coaching issues enable him to re-pack elements from all of the strands, plus sport psychology, to create ACCELERATED SKI LEARNING™ as a process that works.

The key is to keep it simple. By doing so ASL™ can help unpack a lot of old baggage, and repack it with new understandings and a step-by-step learning process, in order to build on previous strengths and create new behaviours that achieve new and better outcomes. Bob runs many special skiing courses in Europe and America each year for recreational skiers, and instructors.

Bob has been a company director for over thirty years both in companies he has created and run, and in the companies of others. His specialism has been communication, through marketing, as an advertising copywriter, speech writer, and former chairman of the BBC's Business Question Time series. He also supplies coaching consultancy to industrial and commercial companies.

Aiguille DibonaBob's mountain career started at age 11, walking. He took up rock-climbing at 14 and added Alpine mountaineering at age 18. He climbed various alpine peaks including Mont Blanc by the Aiguille Noire de Peuterey route, and the Aiguille Dibona (see photo). He was also the lead climber on the 1962 Dead Sea Scrolls Expedition to Jordan.

As well as his mountain exploits, he sailed the North Atlantic from Boston to Oslo, and other blue-water challenges, and is a lifeboat crew member on the Charles Henry Ashley historic lifeboat.

John Shedden FBISC., B.Ed(Hons) ESC Coach, BASI National Ski Teacher. ISIA., IVSI

International Skiing CoachJohn is virtually "Mr. Skiing". Founder and former Director of Coaching for the English Ski Council. Formerly senior selector, British Olympic Team and Olympic Games Coach. Appointed Technical Consultant to Franz Klammer (Olympic champion and 25 times World Cup Winner)

Founding director of the National Coaching Foundation. Member of the Performance and Excellence Committee of the Sports Council and consultant to the British Olympic Association and the UK Sports Institute.

John is a registered expert witness, and has authored six books, many more articles, and lectures in the UK and abroad.

John has a long list of top international competitors who are testament to his performance ski coaching skills, and he is much respected in competition circles throughout the world. The methods of coaching developed in the field of international competition work in recreational skiing too, and indeed in the world of business and private life.

John has now retired from coaching, but I am proud to leave his details on here because British skiing and the coaching techniques which happily at least a few others (far too few) are belatedly and all too slowly adopting, stem largely from his work.

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