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Course Formats and Background Information

Skiing coursesThe whole idea of our skiing courses is to give you very personal, individual attention, to help you learn in the way you best learn.

We are repeatedly complimented by pupils for our ability to make the complex very simple, and to help you unpack a lot of old ski learning that's holding you back, and by using what's good from that, plus new learnings and understandings, to re-structure your perceptions to build new and better skiing. We are also complimented for the fun our pupils have.

  • Our courses are now led by Bob Valentine Trueman (John Shedden having retired).
  • Our courses are not suitable for complete beginners.
  • Maximum coached in any one group is six people
  • Maximum number of people on any one skiing course is twelve people
  • Different minimum number requirements apply to different courses. If minima are not reached the course may be cancelled (see below)
  • Ski coaching is for 3 hours per day for each of six days so you have time to relax and practice what you've learnt each day.
  • Each evening before dinner there is a "mind-module" in which we cover important sport and other psychological techniques you can use to help you improve. Naturally, these (like everything else on your holiday) are attended at your own choice. Nevertheless they represent extra value and important learnings.
  • IMPORTANT: Any given ski course will only run if we have a sufficient number of clients booking by the deadline. In the event of forced cancellation through lack of numbers we will either immediately refund all monies, or offer you an alternative date/venue. The decision will be yours.
  • GROUPS: You are entirely free to bring your own group and book an entire skiing course for yourselves. If dates do not match, or venues do not suit, please just make contact with us and we'll almost certainly be able to arrange something special that will please you. Coaching cost for the group is 950 plus coaches' lift pass and holiday cost. Usual maxima apply, minimum number of four.
  • INDIVIDUALS: Easily the best way to improve is by having private ski lessons. Of course we are happy to arrange these (they are necessarily not cheap). During ongoing courses usually only an hour will be possible but significant specific learnings can come about in one or two sessions
  • Some clients are able to book an entire week, privately. The coaching cost of this is 880 for the week plus the holiday operators' costs for the coach and lift pass. Choose your own holiday and resort element. The coaching will be 5 hours per day for six days, plus evening discussions and psychological training if wanted. Maximum number, three persons.


Our courses are not qualification validations. However, our ski training will significantly enhance your understandings of skiing and of the ski teaching and ski learning process including study of Accelerated Ski Teaching methods. John created the English Ski Council and it's ski coaching ladder, and is former Director of Coaching for the ESC. Bob created ASL; and is highly focused on Accelerated Ski Learning and ski teaching processes and the mental elements.Between us therefore we have a considerable knowledge of ski instructor and ski teacher requirements. We'll help you achieve your goals in a non-stressful environment.

The nature of holiday organisation is one of adaptivity - if you don't see what you want, just ask, it may well be possible!