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Dr. Mary Drake, 2015

After skiing for 20 years, I haven't felt so good after a holiday since the first time I strapped on a pair of skis. I learned lots, skied tougher slopes than I thought possible and had loads of fun. This was echoed by all the other course attendees. I would recommend your coaching course to anyone who wants to improve and increase their enjoyment of skiing. I definitely want to come along in the future.

Dr. Louise Meehan, 2015

I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous week’s coaching. I never thought I would do a red run and think it a blue or green.

Dr. Anthony, and Mrs. Lynette Evans, 2015

Learning a whole new way of skiing was a challenge after so many years but I felt more in control and confident at the end of the week using your methods. It helps to keep training simple and straightforward which was exactly how you do it. Thank you again for a great experience. (Tony)
Lynette also feels more confident and in control of her skiing. Will certainly recommend your courses to others, do give any prospective pupils our details if they wish to speak to us.

John Nolan, 2014

"I couldn't recommend your course highly enough! I can honestly say that I couldn't have enjoyed a week more than I did. It was a super week in every way.
I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching, and my skiing really improved over the course of the week - not just the technique, but my understanding of why certain things worked (and certain things didn't!). I found the various exercises really embedded the key points you were making. I'm looking forward to putting it all into practice again later in the season."

Elspeth Drew, 2014

"I can't thank you enough as I think I have finally made a big breakthrough in conquering my fear of steeper slopes, was so pleased at how it all worked the 2nd time I went down the "Minas" run. Had a SUPER week and felt that I made such a lot of progress. I also enjoyed your company very much and thought that the whole group got on well together ... it does make a difference if you get on with those folk you are skiing with!! If you are doing the course again next season then I think you might be saddled with me again, and Mary too!
Do hope you have an excellent time in Chamonix and on all your other trips this season."

Dafydd Paul, 2014
Basi Instructor

"It was a good week for me. Great learning on several levels - my personal skiing development, my own psychological processes and the coaching approach. I felt I saw repeatedly the coaching process in action, in its application to others and in my own experience of it.
Thanks for the challenge to become what I want to be. Your encouragement to attend and focus on specific things were magical (as ever) ..... More than last year, I felt I 'got' some of the ideas a lot better ... I really deeply experienced the process of attending to one thing, conducting mini experiments.
I am very pleased I found confidence in short radius arcs, and becoming a rounded skier. I loved steeps, feeling in control, being able to slow down, having a choice. "

Richard Barwick. Baqueira, 2014

"I thought the week was fantastic on many counts - but especially Bob your brilliant coaching. It all made sense to me. My self confidence on the tricky stuff certainly improved to the point that if we had a chance to redo that off piste slope again I would have gladly done it. So thanks again Bob."

Richard Smith, 2013

"Your coaching approach was what I expected and throughly appreciated. You were able to explain the techniques in an exceptionally clear manner with greater effectiveness than I have experienced in the past. Without hesitation I would recommend your coaching to others and hopefully come again myself sometime."

Tony King, 2012

"Both Pennie and I really enjoyed our week with you and feel that we benefited greatly from your coaching and are interested in going back to Baqueira again next year."

From Sally N, 2012

"Thankyou for a wondeful week and for making my skiing dreams come true!!"

From Dr Julian Squires

"Thanks for a great week in Gressony! The Rifugio was a fantastic experience."

From Sally N, 2011

"I just wanted to tell you that my husband says he has never seen me ski so confidently and fast! And I felt GREAT too! I thought about all the stuff we did and didn't feel scared once - brilliant. We had a really joyous holiday! Thank you for contributing to that excellent feeling - I can't believe how my mental attitude has progressed."

From Dr Val:

" ......return for more, it was THAT GOOD!!"

From Terry F:

"I had a more than 'good' holiday - as well as the fact that I got back to where I want to be I was also able to work out where I know I can ski confidently. I am not going to worry (about) some slopes - I am just going to remember how much I enjoy most of them. I realised last week that I am a better skier than I previously thought - thank you Bob I couldn't have got it back without your patience & support."

From Rob I:

"The defining moment came on the last run down on Friday, .... when I sensed I was being looked at.

Normally, Before Bob (BB), I'm sure it would have been, 'look at that **!* but now, After Bob (AB), ... the skier followed me down, copying what I was doing. I could hear the skis turning behind me, the same tempo. So that was my highlight, last run down on Friday, someone copying me instead of swearing at me :-) Thanks for everything you've done for us last week, it has been nothing less than excellent."

From Mrs. Jayne I:

"There is little doubt in my mind that I got an enormous amount out of last week. Your coaching was first class!!

After we left you on Friday .... we had big smiles all the way down because it was so easy and controlled thanks to your great teaching.

We are really looking forward to the next stage and I will certainly recommend you to my friend. I know she would love skiing with you; your kindness, patience and coaching are just what she needs.

Many thanks again. I guess we'll bump into you on the slopes one day. Take Care and have fun on your next ski trip."

From Elaine B:

"..... or maybe just having the great opportunity to focus on what I wanted with some fab positive stroking - what you do works and I thank you for that."

From Dr Judith:

"Once again thank you for a great week, good company, good food, good jokes and great coaching."

From Deb:

"Hi Bob, I would like to thank you for a fabulous week of ski coaching. My skiing ability improved dramatically as did my confidence. Your explanation of how skis work was invaluable in helping me to properly understand skiing. On the slopes, the precision with which you taught had the result of making my skiing much more predictable and I actually understood why it worked: or why it didn't work, as the case may be! The week could not have been better, you will certainly be seeing me again."

From Liz H:

"I think a cracking week sums it up brilliantly. Thank you for your support and encouragement it was really appreciated. More than happy to submit the following regarding the coaching.

The coaching exceeded my expectations. I arrived with an open mind prepared to make big changes. It wasn't necessary!

Everything that you taught us was easy to understand, the movements were subtle, however the effect was quite the opposite. ....for the first time I felt "connected" to the snow and in control of my skis instead of them controlling me. Putting the new techniques into practice with clear and positive aims helped me to change the way that I approach runs especially when I considered them to be more challenging. Even better we had great fun while we were learning.

I am really looking forward to my next trip and would recommend the course to anyone who wants to improve their technique no matter how good or bad they consider their skiing to be. My daughters are already asking to go on your course - I have them on the run!"


From Dr. Julian Squires (2010)

Hi Bob

The thinking man's coach, that's what you are.

Thank you very much for a fantastic week in Chamonix Tamsin & I really enjoyed your company, and most of all, your coaching. We want to go with you to Spain next year.

From Nick Turner (January 2008)

Hi Bob

Just wanted to say thank you for a great week which further stimulated my interest in sports psychology - going to have fun applying it to my tennis now (and maybe even work!). I'd appreciate pdf files of some of the things we discussed (particularly goal setting and in/attention). Hope to have the opportunity to cross paths in the future.

Best wishes, Nick

From Jane Lowe (2008)

Dear Bob,

I just wanted to catch up with you and give you some feedback on the week in Baqueira - really, to say a big thank you

So.... that week was a really positive experience for me. I've always had a love/hate relationship with skiing and for whatever reason that developed into fear. I feel you've really helped me over that fear, which however irrational was also very real.

Getting techniques to handle the skis and the snow is just exactly what was needed. I'd recommend you to anyone who wants to get back into skiing - your coaching works, really works. Also, I just had a good time, loved the company and enjoyed the experience.

By the way, I can't tell you how many of my women friends have said "oh I could really do with doing something like that" to me. Also, I think my husband Peter could do with a week with you, not that he's a nervous skier but it's been a while since he's had any tuition. I'm hoping we can organise a trip with you next year. So please don't stop coaching for at least 20 years

All the best, have a really good Easter,


From Grainne and John (January 2008)

It was great to be skiing with you again and we both enjoyed it immensely. We both learned a lot. Again. You are way too kind about our skiing.

The last day in the powder was just such a wonderful base for me from which to go on the off piste course as I had the comfort of your guidance and knowledge (and most importantly presence!) off piste in the stuff that I am so unfamiliar with.

Looking forward to skiing with you again

Grainne and John

From Colin Weeks (January 2007)

Bob, you are fantastic! Your coaching is like a breath of fresh air in the miasma of traditional ski teaching. No longer is it a case of "bend ze knees und follow me", but, through specific exercises, I was guided into becoming a better skier.

You have succeeded in three main areas for me:

1)My objective to ski confidently through technical competence on blues and reds was achieved half-way through the course! I think that if we had had some black runs available you could even had had me skiing down those!

2) I am unusual in that I seem to need to build a technical framework before I can work within a new subject. You have given me that framework by helping me to understand how skis work and how to use them. I truly believe that no-one else could have done this for me.

3)Lastly, and not least, you have given me a collection of tools and techniques to help give me control on the trickier parts of the mountain. I'm really looking forward to trying out bumps, perhaps powder, and certainly increasingly steep slopes.

Yours, with thanks,


From Jane Moss (January 2007)

John has already applied some of the skills he learned from you, to other spheres of his life, and really has felt so much benefit from the time he spent listening, learning, and allowing. Regarding the skiing, he feels that although he could get down the mountain before, he can now get down with more skill and safety, and has some of the tools to go on and improve.

It was a privilege to have your inspirational coaching in such a small group for a whole week and we are so grateful for your amazing patience and skill in allowing us to absorb at our own rates. At the same time you made it possible for all of us to feel we were never holding anyone back . . . . As the week progressed I felt you got into the dark recesses of the back of the shed in my head and found the relevant tools required, at any given moment, given them a polish, explained how they worked and then allowed me to learn how to use them at my own speed.

Never being allowed to feel I was letting down anyone, including myself, was also a very refreshing experience! I am aware that you gave so much of yourself during the week, not just on the mountain, and it is SO much appreciated. You are a star (no, not dim and distant!) and we are so honoured to have joined the ranks of the lucky people who have been enriched by your coaching on and off the slopes - long may you spread the word!

Thanks again,

Much love from Jane and John.

From Bindoo Rattan (January 2007)

Hi Bob,

Just a short note to say thank you for helping me overcome my fear of skiing.

I have the intention of joining you again next year, life events permitting; that is if you still intend to coach next year. I have a good friend who is interested in joining me.

Once again thank you for a great week, and I am going again in March (!) to consolidate all the learning.

Bye for now


From Drs. Jane & Charles Kolb (February 2007)

Thanks for all your help - it really makes a tremendous difference. I feel much more confident now, and can't wait to go again. We both had a great week, particularly the Vallee Blanche, although it was a bit scary in parts!

Hope to join you again next season.

Jane and Charles.

From Dr. Judith Wright (February 2007)

Hi Bob,

I'm just back from the 3 Valleys, skiing with the family; the first time all 5 of us have skied together for 9 years! It was great.

Anyway, what I really want you to know is that I made progress. It's well known in my line of work that patients forget 50% of what we say, when they leave the consulting room; another 50% of that, when they leave the pharmacy; and another 50% of that when they get home.

I think it's the same with what you have been working to get me to do. After the first week I really only remembered “the beetle" when I went skiing on my own. This time something has been reinforced and I am remembering more, but more importantly being more aware of how things feel. I was sometimes a bit bewildered when you said something I did looked good, as I wasn't always aware of what it felt like.

This time I really became aware of flexing my ankles and driving the ski through the second part of the arc; I didn't do it all the time, but enough to be aware of whether I did it, or not. I am really pleased with this new awareness I've got.

So thanks again. I'm trying to work out how I can get another trip this year. Will you be doing the Tignes trip in the autumn?

Hasta Luego , Judith.

From Geoffrey Shields (February 2007)


I found last week both instructive and enjoyable. Thank you again for your unstinting efforts and guidance.

I have attached my distillation of what I think you said on ski techniques and I would very much like your feedback if possible? As for mind programming - I need to download your articles, read, and practice.

Until next season - in Gressoney perhaps?

Geoffrey B. Shields.

From Mrs. Terry French

Dear Bob:

Thank you for a wonderful week - I really didn't imagine I could ever get off “the plateau" and change my style so radically. I feel I will now be able to progress even further and I am sure that when I ski again in April I will not revert to my old bad habits, but will be able to use “all the tools in the box" - I can't wait to show off the “soft shoe shuffle" and the “bounce & float"!

Everyone in the group was so friendly and supportive and I hope I will meet some of them again. I would like to come on a course next year if I may please, so add me to your list of “Bob's Babes" (Senior Chapter!)

Coaching spills over into life without snow doesn't it . . . . . . . . .


From Claire Winfrey, April 2006

Just returned from a great week in Val D'isere. Am now enjoying the skiing and was able to cope with ice, fog and a couple of reds! Thank you so much for making it all happen after so many fruitless years on the slopes when no progress was made, all the best, Claire

Richard Quan-Taylor MRCVS

By 3 o'clock on day one I had learned more than in the previous seven years! Thank you for making skiing a pleasurable and exciting experience for Susie and myself ... well worthy of a repeat performance.

From Sue Crane, International Training

Thanks Bob - believe (and have evidence) that you are best ski teacher ever - and your coaching approach has given me huge insights into many other areas of my life ... and I love it!

From Jane Winfrey, February 2006

This is just to thank you for helping me so much with my skiing last week. Your patience and encouragement have made me feel for the first time ever that my skiing is not a lost cause!

I have huge confidence in the golden rules you have taught me, I know they work and that they will get me down a run, even one more difficult than I am used to. For me, this represents enormous progress.

Jane Winfrey

From Tony York. January 2006

I thought the course was excellent. As you know I have been on many other courses. I now consider your input and method up there among the best. The learning we did in the bumps was better than any I have ever had, even though I have been on a whole week's bumps course before. The off piste was entertaining, & the first time anyone has really explained what one should be trying to do. The others' success was part of the enjoyment of the week. I have taken so much away from the course to work on and internalise that you may have achieved the aim of making yourself redundant. On the other hand I enjoyed the week so much that I could easily be tempted.


From Dr. Judith Wright, January 06

Probably the best part of the week was how much fun it was - the learning process was quite different to anything I had experienced before and I would never go back to standard ski school again.

I had a brilliant time and learnt a lot. I am now looking forward with more confidence and feeling comfortable about taking things at my own pace. The week worked out really well and the coaching sessions were just about the right length.

Please keep me informed about next year's courses as I would be very keen to go again and have forwarded your details to two friends who would benefit from your help.


From Terry French 2006.

Dear Bob,

Thank you for a wonderful week. I really didn't imagine I could ever get off the “plateau" and change my style so radically. I feel I will now be able to progress even further. I am sure when I ski again in April I will not revert to my bad habits, but will be able to use ‘all the tools in the box'. Everyone in the group was so friendly and supportive and I hope I meet some of them again. I would like to come on a course next year if I may please, so add me to your list of “Bob's Babes" (Senior chapter!).

Your coaching spills over into life without snow, doesn't it ... ?


Terry French (Mrs.)

From Rebecca Winfrey 2006

Dear Bob,

Thanks so much for a great week. I can't quite believe that I'm now looking forward to the next skiing holiday, when I have always dreaded them before. It is amazing the difference your patient and caring method of teaching makes; thank you so much.

Best wishes, and hope to see you again soon.

Rebecca Winfrey

From Gayle Shearer.2005

...How good it feels to come away from something I've looked forward to, and not been disappointed that it wasn't what I expected. Your course wasn't what I thought it might be - it was even better!

Bob, your lovely sense of humour, and your fantastic and very human and aware method of dealing with all our different personalities was deliciously refreshing. I found your coaching very understandable and I learnt lessons about life as well as skiing, that have and will make such a difference. I had read of the value of enjoying the process and not just impatiently waiting for an outcome, but to have it said to me while doing something real, really made me take it on board.

Two of us want to come on another course, will you please put our names down? Thank you again.


From Claire Winfrey 2006

Dear Bob,

I learnt more in one week with you, than in the previous 10 weeks of skiing, spread over 17 years. I was suffering from total confusion and lack of confidence due to trying to learn over a long period of time, and in many different countries, each with its own particular style of skiing.

The “Bobski Accelerated Ski Learning" process, is exactly that - accelerated. I was able to progress well beyond what I had achieved in previous weeks of instruction. This is due to your teaching both on, and off, the slopes.

Thank you also for showing me that skiing can be fun, not just a duty, which is what it had become before coming on your course. I look forward to seeing you in Lech.

All the best,

Claire Winfrey.

From Averil Brice, Folkestone


I am now trying to get back to some semblance of normality following my glorious week away experiencing "Accelerated Learning" with my new friends in Tignes.

Firstly may I thank you for changing my entire perception of skiing. I had hoped that a week away as a member of your group might help to straighten up one or two problems that had been holding me back in my progression towards becoming a "skilful skier". It worked and it was all so simple!

A week away with you taught me to think in a new way. It taught me to "feel" skiing, to work out progress for myself. I felt good about myself, never under pressure or tension. Never demoralised. You took all the negativity out of skiing. I know that both Jill and Sharon are both delighted that they took the plunge and joined me.

We did not know any of our fellow skiers at the onset of the week, but we felt like a real team. There was not one bad mood or one bad word in the whole week, which is pretty remarkable in itself.

I am noticing the results in my return to teaching on the dry slope. So often I encounter the female who has been hounded by her partner into launching herself down the hill before she feels in control or ready to do so, resulting in the feeling of demoralisation and loss of confidence. The good old saying "go on, you can do it!" still ringing in her ears.

Men like the buzz of speed, regardless of the danger. Control doesn't seem to be an issue. Women like to feel in control before they can let the handbrake off.

Now my lessons all start with "what would you like to achieve by the end of this session?" It is all positive. Ending with good progress and lots of smiles. They feel comfortable with their achievement and can't wait until their next session, and I have really enjoyed it too. Is that not what it is all about?

So, in a nutshell - keep up the good work. I really do hope that we will meet up again.

Thank you.

From Sue and Nadia, Portsmouth

Dear Bob,

Thank you for opening doors again. Skiing with Bobski is the best way to grow on skis&..whether you want to do blacks or blues or jump out of helicopters, Bob helps you improve your skiing, with insight and humour, he gets to the spot and moves you on&.words like miracles, genius and god come to mind &.but great bloke and best laughs ever say it all & thanks Bob, we ll be back for more.

stay cool Sue & Nadia

From David Tapley, in Newport.

Dear Bob,

...thanks to the different way you teach I progressed in less than a week, from not having skied on snow before (and only three times on plastic), to parallel arcs and to completing a short "black" run. More importantly I now have really solid understanding, and foundation upon which to further develop my skiing. I suspect if you can achieve this with a pupil whose attention threshold is as short as mine, your other clients will be heli-skiing before they know it! Thanks again."

From Joyce McGlashan-Barker, Shropshire.

Dear Mr Trueman

...I am writing to say a big thank you. As my previous holiday had not gone well I started off the week apprehensive and lacking in self confidence. However, under your patient tuition my confidence returned, enabling me to enjoy a wonderful week's skiing.

There are just not enough adjectives - TERRIFIC, BRILLIANT, SUPER - and thanks to you the week in Italy was simply the best all round holiday I have ever had.

From Penny Newton, Market Drayton.

Dear Bob,

...I feel I progressed a lot during the week, thanks to your methods - even skiing with your eyes shut - and not forgetting the silly rhymes!

Thank you for putting so much though and preparation into the week, so that we could benefit and get so much out of it.

From Richard Quan-Taylor, MRCVS.

Dear Bob,

I enclose your fee for the skiing tuition so lavishly endowed on both Susie and myself. By 3-o'clock on day one I had learnt more than in the previous seven years .. thankyou for making skiing a pleasurable and exciting experience for Susie and myself. The experience of a very amicable group and proper coaching made it all worthy of a repeat performance.

From Mr Jan Gillett


There's a feeling that strikes a chord with a middle aged man who'd stopped improving, when someone says you should learn on the easy slopes if you want to be any good on the difficult ones. So I felt I would enjoy the time, not being tested in some competition of macho-ness. And then he started talking about the theory of learning and of skiing, and I was in my element.

...At the end of the week I felt I had made a lot of progress. I can't wait to do it again and maybe become capable of skiing powder without falling over. [ No one does! Bobski.] Thanks ever so much. I would and have recommended you to all my friends.

Was it really only February ?

From Peter and Bernadette Regan, Wellington.

Dear Bob,

We want to thank you for all your work in the development of our ski skills - it gives us great enjoyment and has become an essential part of our lives.

Thanks, and we won't forget. Keep in touch with your "info".

From Helen Preston, Warwickshire.

Dear Bob

...It's a measure of success I think that this year I felt ready to ski on for at least another week, whereas in the past I've had enough by the end.

I've told you already but there's no harm in repetition, that I really enjoyed myself on your course as ell as learning a great deal. There were many, many "aha" moments which I've written into my file.

Your approach did help me understand what makes me tick a little better. I will certainly be in touch anyway to do another course at some point.

From Richard and Elizabeth Richards, Birmingham.

Dear Bob,

...we both enjoyed being in your company very much, and the skiing.

I valued your method of instruction and very much appreciated the fact that you concentrated on only one thing at a time. Your emphasis on the positive rather than the many negatives was also very encouraging.

You are an instructor who encourages, gives instruction clearly and is very conscious and considerate of each individual skier's needs and abilities. Your are the very opposite of the "that's not bad, but it's not very good" school of instructors.

I hope to see you again Bob, because I need confirmation of powder skiing technique …..

God bless you and your family.

From Mel Firth

I have meant to mail you since October .... you very kindly helped me with my skiing and psychology and all that! Well it was such a pleasure meeting you, you gave me confidence in many areas of my life and not just skiing.

We're trying to put a group together for October and wondered if you would do our coaching? Also love the website and think I'll come along to the ladies week next year - so as soon as you organise that let me know so I can book diary space. Look forward to hearing from you - you are the best!!!

From Sandra Pairman

In October 2001 I spent a week in Tignes on Bob's Accelerated Ski Learning course - what a week!

Having sustained a serious knee injury and broken ankle on previous ski trips, I was extremely nervous - but not any more. When Bob said that I would ski better and enjoy my skiing after the course, I thought "oh yes, what on earth can he do to build my confidence and help me become a better skier, when others had tried and failed", but he did.

I can honestly say that I had a fabulous week and was certainly introduced to the absolute joy of skiing.

I had only one remaining question at the end of the week - when can I book my place for next year!

From Chris and Barrie, Camberley

Hi Bob:

Just thought I let you know that we throughly enjoyed the course with you, and had we not run out of leave, would definitely have booked again for this year (although I don't think you'll ever see me rushing for the great off-piste with Pascal!). However, we will be keeping an eye on your website for next year. SO meantime, thanks for all the help and encouragement you afforded me (and Barrie) during the week - it was brilliant!

Regards for now,

Chris & Barrie

From Nadia Chambers

I cannot begin to tell you just how much I enjoyed myself - on every level - last week. I think I told you that 'I can ski in my head' and now I find i can ski on my feet!! It was one of the most amazing feelings I have experienced- and YES!! I will be back for more of the same -hopefully in November in Tignes (or wherever!). You are a brilliant teacher -and I have been lucky enough to have had some good ones over the years - you have a real gift and are happy to share it- what luck for the rest of us!

A thousand thanks for opening the door to a great new adventure!! I'll be back for more -and then some. You're one in a million mate. Thanks again - coach.

xx Nadia Chambers.

From Dixie Walker

Dear Bob

I really enjoyed it, ….. My understanding of the principles of skiing improved enormously over the week and for me that's really important as I'm sure it is for everybody, although of course the general culture out there relies on the opposite viewpoint! I was skiing consistently well for longer periods which is a major plus. All in all well done Bob.

Dixie Walker / Tignes 2002

From Chris and John Murphy

Dear Bob

What a holiday! Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement. My skiing, and my confidence in the skis, improved unbelievably, and the experience was much more enjoyable for that. Coaching, as opposed to instruction, was a new experience which certainly worked for me, and the "theory behind the practice" was very valuable and I would recommend your courses to anyone wishing to improve skiing. John and I would like to return with you to Tignes next November if you run a course then.

You may well hear from some friends of ours - Neil and Sarah -I think Sarah would benefit enormously from a course with you, so I've passed your details on. Thanks again

Best Wishes, Chris and John Murphy. / Tignes 2002

From Sheba Symondson

Dear Bob

Many thanks for your help with my skiing. I have come home with nerve restored and very positive thoughts for future ski trips, which is what I hoped for. I also enjoyed the week - despite the adverse conditions - very much. All best wishes

Sheba Symondson / Tignes 2002

From Roy Moore, Coventry

As I did not manage to track you down in the departure lounge on Sunday, I have dashed off this letter to thank you for all of your help, encouragement, feedback, patience and good humour during last week. Not only was it the most helpful and effective coaching event I have attended but also one of the most enjoyable skiing holidays I have ever been on, and I have been on quite a few of those over the last twelve years! The combination of the mountains, good company, positive encouragement, and a sense of progress, was excellent. Woudl you please keep my name on your mailing list and update me on any future coaching events you are planning to organise.

Kindest regards Roy Moore.