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Womens' Courses

Some Considerations On Why Women Find Our Courses So Beneficial

The women-folk who have attended B.I.S.C.C./Bobski courses have, if anything, taken more away from them even than the men-folk. The transformations wrought in the women's skiing, have been even more significant. Women who were on the verge of giving up skiing altogether, changed their views completely around, and now look forward with eagerness to the next skiing trip. They feel better about themselves, and say nicer things to themselves about themselves. It's true look up their comments.

Many women skiers have changed their perceptions, not only about their skiing, and their skiing prospects, but about their own potential. The changes in thinking which the women have brought about, with our help, have spread into far more areas of their lives than merely their skiing. In many cases their entire outlook on their lives and their potential has changed.

Some have been kind enough to send us their comments and we have included them in the "pupil comments" section of the site. It is interesting to know that you may benefit from having a look at some of them.

What is it about B.I.S.C.C./Bobski courses that appeals to women skiers?

Women's ski coursesThis has to do with women's approach to life, as much as to sport.

A great many people of both sexes never really want to change. But some do. A great many men approach the challenge of change in a confrontational mode, if they approach it at all, with a great determination to "try harder". Mens' ways suit men.

Many women find our more psychologically tranquil, and gently investigative approach more comfortable.

More of the women-folk seem more ready to agree with us, that "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got; so if you want something different you have to do something different, or at least differently". It's no use doing what you have done up to now, but harder! All that will do is embed the wrong thing even more deeply.

Our womens' courses are essentially no different to our other courses we recap what is already known, and what you are already capable of, but on very easy gentle terrain. We then move from the known to the unknown in small increments, finding the successes that lead to successes. This is not because "touchy feely" is somehow in itself desirable, or "soft"; we take this approach because, man or woman, it works more rapidly and effectively to get you the kind of skiing you have always wanted. If being tough and "trying hard" worked better, we'd do that.

Why understanding skiing aids rapid improvement

Women make much better progress in their skiing prowess through understanding the why and the how of skis, and what they do. Once you have confidence in the fact that skis can be your friends, and are not simply lying in wait for the moment when they can "get" you, it becomes much easier to work with them, instead of against them.

On our courses we ensure that you come to understand skiing. After all, when was the last time you succeeded at something you didn't understand? This all helps bring about a more cerebral approach; it stands to reason that you cannot change what you do until such time as your thinking around that can be changed. We are confident we have proved that your thinking will only change as your beliefs about the subject, and about yourself change.

As we have said on our opening website page, we have proved that you learn faster when you ski slower; we have proved that learning curves are steepest when slopes aren't; and we have proved that over-facing yourself and being impatient, actually slows down your rate of progress.

Those skiers who hurtle past, or flash through the racing gates, are not super-women, who aren't like you. They are ordinary women, doing some super things. They have the same mental and physical make up as you do. They were once on exactly the same skiing threshold upon which you are. They learnt a few things, practiced a few things, built up their confidence, and gradually raised their sights until they were aiming high.

It's good to know that if they can do it, you can do it. You don't have to be young; you don't have to be super fit; you don't have to be extra tough; and you don't have to be half-male either. You can be feminine, any age, any level of current ability, at any point in your life, and you can make big changes in your skiing and your enjoyment of skiing.

All you have to do is WANT those changes; come to BELIEVE you can bring about those changes; and PERSIST in working (or rather playing) toward them.

Our women's ski courses will help you bring them about.